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Feb 28, 2018

Speaker Bio:

Alain Goubau who is the Co founder and COO and CFO of Farmlead an online grain marketplace were farmers and grain buyers can buy and sell any type of green. Alain, also has extensive project management and operations experience as a field engineer throughout Europe and Asia and as a co-founder at Alta...

Feb 21, 2018


Steven Looi is a serial entrepreneur with experience in IT, urban agriculture, and retail. A flexible and adaptable operator with extensive industry network and product expertise. He has a track record of deploying his creativity and innovation in disruptive industries. Steven has created new companies in both...

Feb 14, 2018

Speaker Bio:

We are really honored today to have Dr. Chris Mckillop. She really knows her stuff and as a pioneer in her field. She earned her degree in artificial intelligence in the 1990's. She have an MSc in human centered computer systems, a PhD in educational technology and she, of course, have researched and...