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Aug 1, 2018

Ariel Garten is a neuroscientist, innovator, mother, and entrepreneur whose driving purpose is to empower and help others overcome mental obstacles in order to live healthy, happy lives and reach their maximum potential. Ariel is the Founder of InteraXon, the makers of Muse: the brain sensing headband.

Her team’s technology has been featured in over 1000 media pieces, as well as was the feature showcase at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, an installation that allowed over 7,000 people control the lights on the CN tower, Canadian parliament buildings, and Niagara Falls with their brains from across the country.

Ariel’s Podcast is called Inside the Head Of where every week she get inside the head of neuroscientist, psychotherapist, the skilled and the mental arts and we learn about their cutting edge experience and their personal life.


Episode Overview:

This week I get chat with Ariel Garten of Muse where she shared the benefits of meditating using Muse headband and how it can help us improve our concentration through meditation. She also talked about what meditation really means.

She also shared what meditation really means and explained how the 30-second meditation works.


“It is important for your brain to slow down for it to speed up” - Lauren Waldman, Learning Pirate


If you are able to stay in a calmer mind you get more and more points. So, the longer you stay in this state then you will get rewards, badges and milestones. Ariel Garten also added that Muse is the mixture of technology - which is always on the cutting edge with the added soundtrack that is the sound of your mind.

Meditational down regulate your medulla which is your fight and flight response so that you end up being not so reactive to the world around you. Meditation also helps you to decrease default mode network.


“The more you muse the more you can bring your brain back”


Lessons Learned:


  • Do not be afraid
  • Do not be held back by the thoughts in your head that is not going to work or is not going to go right
  • If you can see something that has a possibility out there, don’t let anything hold you back and do it!
  • Be bold and be be brave
  • Your ability to sit in discomforts probably predicts your success is life
  • If you are feeling afraid, just don’t worry and push through until you get to the other side


Recommended Resources:



  • Quite the voice in your head that says “this is not going to work” and find ways that it will because if you have a good idea, it will.
  • Make sure your customer centric and TEST, TEST, TEST
  • The problem is not to deliver dollars in your pocket book but rather how to deliver value in somebody else.
  • Do not be afraid to start in an online-only business.
  • Just like your brain is plastic, the way you engage the world is plastic


Tools: Muse

Hot spot: Organics Farm in Markham, Ontario


About Muse:


Muse: the brain sensing headband will elevate your meditation experience. It gently guides your meditation through changing sounds of weather based on the real-time state of your brain. This allows you to obtain a deeper sense of focus and motivates you to build a highly rewarding practice.

Meditation has been scientifically shown to reduce symptoms associated with stress, depression and anxiety as well as improve focus, performance and quality of life.


  • Learn the essentials of focussed attention meditation
  • Soundscapes include Beach, Rainforest, Desert and others*
  • Milestones and rewards to keep you motivated
  • Create multiple accounts and share with family and friends
  • End of session results and graphs help measure progress
  • Exercises contributed by meditation experts to help you learn


Muse / Interaxon, based in Toronto, Canada is a developer of engaging experiences using brainwave-sensing technology designed to help you free yourself from physical, emotional and mental obstacles so you get more out of every moment.

Our mission is to enable you to live a happier, healthier and more connected life with leading brainwave technologies and experiences. Our flagship product, launched in 2014, is Muse: the brain sensing headband.

When accompanied with an app available for both iOS and Android devices the Muse headband is a sensory device that is designed to help with meditation by providing real-time EEG based audio and visual feedback.


Connect with Ariel:


Website: Muse | The Brain Sensing Headband

Social Media:

Instagram: @Choosemuse @ariels musings



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