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Aug 15, 2018

Hani Mourra is a dad, Softwareprenuer, and the creator of a software designed to help content creators automate the distribution of podcasts and live videos across multiple platforms and grow their audience faster.

Hani truly believe that the less time you spend on the technical side of things, the more time you will have to create amazing content for your audience!


What makes this a Canadian Innovation or Innovative thinking?


Automation of tedious tasks so business owners and content creators can focus on delivering valuable content to they potentials while still getting maximum exposure online  is designed to create content on one platform whether it is a video or a podcast to help get it out to other platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Libsyn, iTunes, Google Play and many other immediately.


“Having your content on different platforms multiply your reach”


What excites Hani about the podcasting industry:

Podcasting is becoming mainstream because most people does not have a time to sit in front of the computer or watch videos, read and some people who are on the road or at the gym. There are all sorts of topic being discussed in the podcast industry which makes it very exciting and interesting.


Lessons Learned:

  • Hani treat his customers or people as friends by making himself available for help.
  • If you treat people well, words about you being helpful and careful will go around and is good for your business as well.
  • Hani also consider the people he connect as friends and not as customers.
  • Treat people as friends and not as a number or a dollar sign in business.


Sales and marketing tips:

  • Join as many group as you can especially on Facebook about the topic that matches your business.
  • Try to help your co-members solve their problems and try to hang out with them
  • Listen and contribute to the group that you are in.


Resources Mentioned:


Podcast Recommendation: Startups for the rest of us podcast

Hot Spot: Starbucks


Benefits of Using


  • Convert Audio Podcasts To Videos and Publish To YouTube and Facebook
  • Upload Facebook Live Videos To YouTube
  • Push your Audio Podcast to SoundCloud
  • Convert Facebook Lives to an Audio Podcast on iTunes*
  • Publish Video Podcasts To YouTube
  • Distribute Your Audio Podcasts and Facebook Lives to 50 TV Networks**
  • Upload Facebook Live Videos to Other Facebook Groups or Pages
  • Backup Audios and Videos to Google Drive and Dropbox


Connect with Hani:


Twitter: @hanimourra

LinkedIn: Hani Mourra

Facebook: Hani Mourra




Thanks again for tuning in!

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