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May 1, 2019

Tabitha always worked in different kinds of jobs, across different industries, and in varied roles but the one thing all her jobs have had in common is that she always work to help people get smarter about themselves, so they can make their own best decisions for life. The cannabis industry was really the first place where she felt like she fit- not necessarily because of cannabis, but really because it's a place for pioneers, and she really likes doing things first, before anyone else has had a chance to do it.




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Episode Overview:


This is for those that are curious about the Cannabis industry. Here are some points that Tabitha and I talked about in this episode:

  • Stigmas around Cannabis
  • Edibles - what is legal & what’s not
  • Therapeutic Benefits
  • Women’s Health Benefits from Cannabis - I had zero clue
  • Controversial topics such as Sex & Cannabis and she’s currently doing research
  • Cannabis & Parenting - how to talk to your kids.
  • Tips for if you’re a newbie and some best practices


Tabitha Fritz was nominated as a trailblazer, challenging the norm from Steven Looi, both a podcast guest and listener. We had Steven on the podcast talking about the Cannabis Industry on episode 18. Seems like a lifetime ago. Steven always knows the movers and shakers in the Cannabis Industry.


Tune in to Steven Looi's episode here


Tabitha sleeps soundly at night knowing that cannabis is changing the world, and she’s helping to make that happen.


About Mihi:


Mīhī is a collective of people just like you, who are impassioned by the potential cannabis has for each of us. They are on a mission to make it an accepted and positive part of life.

They understand that cannabis consumption is different for everyone and should be customized to meet individual lifestyles and needs.

They believe in the importance of community. For them, this means both the neighborhoods in which they operate, as well as the community of entrepreneurs in cannabis. That is why they are partnering with local craft growers, accessory suppliers, and local community groups and artisans.



Connect with Tabitha:



LinkedIn: Tabitha Frtiz

Twitter: @PenelopesWrist and @MihiCannabis

Instagram: @minicannabis