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Nov 8, 2017

Michael Wickware is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Planswell. Michael actually started his career as a financial advisor in the 1990s. Then In 2001, he founded a marketing and advertising agency, which had a big hand in building some of the top North American brands in banking, investing and insurance. In 2016, he sold that agency to co-found Planswell, which he describes as simply the best financial planning company in the world.

In this episode, Michael will share with us:

  1. How we can make our money work for us & save on hidden banking charges
  2. Early testing techniques that worked for Planswell
  3. How Naive Optimism has value
  4. And, how he's been channelling Kevin O'Leary

Planswell, the real money plant!

Resources Mentioned in this episode:

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