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Aug 8, 2018

Olivia Simmons  is a two-time entrepreneur and holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto, with a Specialization in Applied Mathematics and Economics.

She also attended University of Waterloo Math Faculty where she grew a love for Computer Science before transferring to U of T. She is a self-taught web programmer and has been running her own tech businesses since she was 21.


“Self love - put yourself first and as much as you can take a moment to love yourself”


Episode Overview:

This week, I get to chat with Olivia Simmons, CEO and Founder of ConferenceCloud. She shared how she and her brother came up with ConferenceCloud and how they used it to connect with their clients while using their collage budget.

She also shared how easy and beneficial ConfereneCloud is for your business meeting and other conferences especially when you have a 3-5 days conference.

ConferenceCloud allows you to have a playback on the videos that you shared such as masterclass, meetings or conferences. This allows other viewers to have access on the things that they missed earlier or get the information that they needed.

Listen in to this week’s episode and be amazed on how this conference tool can help  and elevate your business meetings and more!


Lessons Learned:

  • When it comes to startup and tech, everything is very hands-on, it's very fast and you get a lot of trial and errors.
  • Other startup entrepreneurs always say “The technology is great and the technology is important and it needs to work but if nobody knows where to find your technology then your whole process will be wasted.
  • The most important aspect in your business is always sales and marketing.


Resources Mentioned:


  • Follow-up is key to your business
  • Understanding the basics of business
  • For start-outs, you gotta get out of the notion of someone is always going to be there to help you get a mark or measure at the beginning of your business.
  • No one will come along and give you a million dollars because of your big idea that will make you quit your job
  • You have to do a lot of leg work to show your value so that you can achieve your million dollar
  • Do not be afraid to learn every single day


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About ConferenceCould:

ConferenceCloud provides state-of-the-art live communications and interactivity for hybrid conferences, lectures and meetings.

There are conferences held all over the world chock full of inspiring experts, content and research. But there is one main problem that all conferences share in common: and that is profitability.

It doesn’t matter if the conference holds 300 people, or 3000 people, held in Montreal or Madrid. The profitability for the organizers is relatively low. The current conference model is constrained by the physical venue. With on-site attendees the profit just doesn’t scale.

ConferenceCloud provides live video, Q&A crowdsourcing suite, live audio and native slide presentation to provide a unified virtual attendance platform for the client and the end user.

The company is currently going after the conferencing ticketing sales market segment, currently valued at approximately $100 Billion dollars in the US. The company’s mission is to expand the market by increasing access and decreasing cost.


Connect with Olivia Simmons:

Twitter: @confcloud

LinkedIn: ConferenceCloud LinkedIn


Thanks again for tuning in!

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